On-Air with Ryan Seacrest Interview

"I just want to quit my job and do these activities" - Ryan Seacrest

Our interview with Ryan aired in April of 2022. You may have heard it – it aired twice on his radio show, On Air with Ryan Seacrest! The interview and the wave of attention Impromptu Cards received since has been overwhelming and extremely energizing. Impromptu Cards, Los Angeles Edition is close to selling out!

We spoke with Ryan about the types of activities available in our deck: everything from hikes, to restaurants, to museums, and more! Ryan’s foodie side showed when he asked about the restaurants (and Impromptu Cards only includes the coolest dining places), so naturally we told him about the infamous Jon & Vinny’s (insider tip: pastries are just as good as the pizza!) And for an unforgettable sunset dinner, we told him to go to Castaway Burbank!

What did we learn? To start, Ryan and his team are exceptionally nice and very easy to talk to. Second, people are really excited to get outside; COVID-19 has changed so much, people are more excited than ever to get out and explore new things in their city!

 - Emily and Bryce (aka “Good Time Charlies” according to Ryan)

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